T-Pain is Working on GTA 6, He Can’t Play GTA RP Server nopixel

T-Pain, the singer, and Twitch streamer recently said he’s involved in making GTA 6. Because of this, Rockstar Games told him to stop playing on the well-known GTA RP server called nopixel.

T Pain on GTA 6 T-Pain is Working on GTA 6, He Can’t Play GTA RP Server nopixel

This happened after a big update for nopixel that made GTA V better and increased the popularity of GTA RP.

Rockstar apparently tells T-Pain no more GTA RP

I used to be. I used to be and then… how about this s***. I used to be on nopixel then I started working on GTA VI and they told me I couldn’t do RP anymore because it kind of goes… They had this whole speech like “what if somebody took your album and re-recorded it and more people were listening to that…” Then I’m like okay, I kind of get that but I was having a good time! Alright that’s fine!


T-Pain goes on to state that following that conversation, he began “working on” Grand Theft Auto VI. Not long later, Rockstar Games acquired the team behind FiveM, the customized GTA Online client that enables GTA RP.

The singer found it funny when talking about it and said, “Hold on, what? laughs What the heck? laughs Wait a minute. Seriously, they told me I couldn’t do this stuff, and now they’re working with the folks who make it possible for RP to happen? Anyway, whatever.” If T-Pain is telling the truth, it is likely he may have broken his NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Rockstar.

nopixel 4.0 Trailer 00 03 58 copy T-Pain is Working on GTA 6, He Can’t Play GTA RP Server nopixel

Could this mean GTA RP is coming to GTA VI?

nopixel 4.0 Trailer 00 01 16 copy T-Pain is Working on GTA 6, He Can’t Play GTA RP Server nopixel

T-Pain saying he’s working on GTA VI got fans guessing how much he’s involved. Some think maybe one of his songs will be on a radio station in the game, while others think he might be in charge of a whole radio station.

A few people in the community are wondering if T-Pain’s story means that the mechanics and features from GTA RP might be in the next GTA Online. It’s also possible that Rockstar could decide to bring some of these features to the console with GTA VI. Right now, it’s just guesses, but they did hire the team that worked on this stuff for GTA V on PC.

After Rockstar Games got the team from FiveM, they have become more supportive of this type of modding. In fact, just last month, Rockstar gave over $600,000 to GTA RP Twitch streamers through Twitch Subs.

nopixel 4.0 Trailer 00 02 34 copy T-Pain is Working on GTA 6, He Can’t Play GTA RP Server nopixel

Rockstar Games also recently allowed Shawn Fonteno, the actor who plays Franklin Clinton, to use Franklin in his own GTA RP server called Franklin’s World. This is happening again soon. He asked for permission because of Rockstar’s and Take-Two’s rules about copyright for GTA RP content.

Talking about GTA VI, xQc, who is a co-owner of the nopixel server, shared how much he would pay to get the game one day before its official release. It was a very high price, and this caught the notice of Ned Luke, the actor who plays Michael De Santa.

On a different note, users on other GTA RP servers came together to donate money. They did this to buy a new PC for a young member who couldn’t continue playing on the server. We shared the touching story here.

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