3 Side Activities Fans Would Love to See in GTA 6 and 2 That They Won’t

The GTA series has always been known for its fun and diverse side activities. As the release date for GTA 6 approaches, fans have certain expectations from Rockstar Games.

GTA 6 Poster 3 Side Activities Fans Would Love to See in GTA 6 and 2 That They Won't

While main missions drive the plot, it’s the side tasks that keep things interesting. For instance, in past titles, vigilante missions allowed players to play the role of heroes instead of just criminals.

With GTA 5 making changes by removing some side activities, fans are hoping GTA 6 will bring back some favorites while leaving out the less exciting ones. Here are three side activities fans want to see in GTA 6, along with two they’d rather not have:

Three Great Additions:

  1. Vigilante Missions: These missions let players fight crime and be the hero in the city.
  2. Street Racing: High-speed street races add excitement and challenge to the game.
  3. Property Management: Owning and managing businesses or properties could add depth to the gameplay and provide additional sources of income.

Two to Exclude:

  1. Repetitive Mini-Games: Activities that feel repetitive and lack depth can become tedious quickly.
  2. Pointless Collectibles: Collectibles scattered around the map without any real purpose or reward may not add much value to the game.

3 Side Activities Fans Would Love to See in GTA 6 and 2 That They Won’t

3 Great Additions

1) Vigilante Missions: In these missions, players take on the role of a vigilante, patrolling the streets to thwart criminal activity.

This could involve tasks like chasing down and apprehending criminals, stopping robberies, or even engaging in high-speed pursuits to catch fleeing suspects.

Successful completion of these missions could reward players with in-game currency, respect from NPCs, or unlock special vehicles or weapons.

2) Street Racing: Street racing has always been a popular side activity in the GTA series, offering players the thrill of high-speed competition through city streets.

GTA 6 could feature a variety of races, ranging from illegal nighttime street races to organized tournaments held in different districts of the city.

Players could customize their vehicles, compete for cash prizes, and earn reputation points to unlock new races and challenges.

3) Property Management: Building on the feature introduced in GTA Vice City and expanded in GTA San Andreas, property management could make a comeback in GTA 6.

Players could invest in businesses, real estate, and other ventures across the city, managing their operations to generate income and expand their empire.

This could involve tasks like purchasing properties, hiring staff, managing inventory, and dealing with rival gangs or corrupt officials.

Successful management could yield significant profits, unlock unique missions, and provide additional perks such as access to exclusive vehicles or weapons.

2 Should Exclude

1) Repetitive Mini-Games: While mini-games can add variety to gameplay, repetitive or shallow mini-games can quickly become tiresome.

GTA 6 should avoid including mini-games that feel like busywork or offer little in terms of challenge or reward.

Instead, developers should focus on crafting engaging and meaningful side activities that enhance the overall experience.

2) Pointless Collectibles: While collectibles can encourage exploration and reward players for uncovering hidden secrets, they should serve a purpose beyond simply being a checklist to complete.

GTA 6 should avoid including collectibles that feel arbitrary or offer little incentive for players to seek them out.

Instead, collectibles should tie into the game world, providing valuable rewards, lore, or gameplay enhancements for those who take the time to discover them.

By focusing on engaging side activities that enrich the gameplay experience and avoiding repetitive or pointless content, GTA 6 has the potential to deliver an immersive and captivating open-world adventure for players to enjoy.

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