All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6 pays a lot of attention to making real places look realistic. The game is set in Vice City, which is a detailed recreation of Miami. The first trailer showed some famous Florida landmarks that are part of the game.

GTA 6 bikini Girl Pic All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

People are curious about the size of the map, but not much is known yet. Even though there’s speculation, GTA 6 seems to be aiming for a big and ambitious version of Vice City and the surrounding area called Leonida.

GTA games are known for accurately representing American cities, not just in their overall layout but also in including real locations. For players who haven’t been to these cities, it’s like a virtual tour.

And for those who know the places well, it’s fun to explore and recognize familiar things. Whether players are new to Miami or know it really well, GTA 6 offers faithful recreations of landmarks to enjoy. Here are nine of them that appeared in the first trailer.

GTA 6 Honda Bridge – A Broken Railway Bridge Connecting The Florida Keys

GTA 6 Honda Bridge All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

In GTA 6, there’s a realistic copy of Honda Bridge, an old bridge that used to connect Bahia Honda Key and Spanish Harbor Key. The bridge was first built for trains, but they later changed it so cars could use it in 1938.

However, when they finished the new Bahia Honda Bridge in 1972, they closed the old Honda Bridge. If you look closely in the game, you might notice a part of the bridge is missing.

It’s not because it fell apart; they deliberately changed it to let boats pass and to stop people from going on the old, unsafe bridge.

GTA 6 May Extend To Some Of The Florida Keys

gta 6 vice city vista All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

GTA 6’s trailer gives us a glimpse of the Honda Bridge and some smaller islands near Leonida state. These islands are likely inspired by the Florida Keys, but it’s not clear which ones exactly.

Florida has 800 Keys, and the Honda Bridge connects two of them: Bahia Honda Key and Spanish Harbor Key. However, these keys are a bit far from mainland Florida and Miami, so it might not be entirely accurate to include them.

The islands in the trailer might be more like Key Biscayne or Virginia Key. The geography seems similar; GTA 6 could just adjust the position of the Honda Bridge to match.

Kaseya Center – the Largest Indoor Stadium in Florida

gta road sign catalan boulevard All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

In one scene of the trailer, Lucia is seen in a convertible with a bright stadium in the background. This is probably the Kaseya Center, the biggest indoor stadium in Florida. It’s in Downtown Miami by Biscayne Bay and is famous as the Miami Heat’s home.

Besides basketball games, it hosts concerts, wrestling events, MMA matches, circuses, and theater shows. We don’t know if players can go inside the Kaseya Center in GTA 6, but having it in the skyline of Vice City would be impressive.

MacArthur Causeway Traffic – Miami’s Main Artery In GTA 6

vice city night gta 6 All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

When Lucia is driving near GTA 6’s version of the Kaseya Center, she’s on a highway, and it’s likely the MacArthur Causeway. This highway connects Downtown Miami to Miami Beach, making it the route from the city center to the beautiful beaches.

The MacArthur Causeway has been a major and busy road in Miami since it was finished in 1926, especially after they made it bigger in 1997. Just a tip: trying to use it to escape from the police during rush hour traffic might not be the best idea.

The Everglades – One Of The World’s Most Diverse Ecosystems In GTA 6

Everglades in GTA 6 All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

For a while, people have been guessing, and now, with the first trailer, it’s official: GTA 6 will have parts inspired by the Everglades National Park. This huge nature reserve is to the west of Miami. It’s an incredibly diverse place with animals like beautiful flamingos and dangerous alligators.

In the trailer, you can see a fanboat moving through the flooded grasslands, which might be a cool different kind of vehicle to use in GTA 6.

Wynwood Inspired Street Art – Based On Miami’s Art District

gta 6 wynwood All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

Wynwood, situated above Downtown Miami, is a cool area famous for its art galleries and fancy shops. What really attracts tourists is the loads of street art – the buildings are covered in vibrant graffiti, making the whole neighborhood perfect for taking pictures.

In the GTA 6 trailer, you can catch a quick glimpse of murals inspired by Wynwood’s street art, like in the screenshot above.

North Miami Beach – The Heart Of Miami’s Tourism Industry

GTA 6 North Miami Beach All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

Vice City wouldn’t be right without its beaches, and in GTA 6’s trailer, the busy shores are inspired by Miami Beach. This is like the central hub of Miami’s tourism, with a nine-mile stretch of white sands and pretty turquoise waters, dotted with colorful umbrellas.

It seems to show the northern part of Miami Beach, maybe based on spots like Surfside Beach or Hallandale Beach. These areas are close, so it’s probably inspired by the whole Miami Beach island.

Cruise South Beach’s Ocean Drive

GTA 6 Clubing All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

Miami Beach has a lively night area called South Beach, focused on bright neon lights and Art Deco hotels along Ocean Drive. In GTA 6’s trailer, South Beach is shown as a place with fancy, rare cars that you can take.

There are buildings in the game inspired by real places like the Colony and Breakwater Hotels. If you look far away, you can even see the sign for the Oceanview Hotel, which was in the original GTA: Vice City.

Panorama Tower Completes Vice City’s Skyline – Miami’s Tallest Building

gta 6 high rises All Real-Life Locations Revealed on GTA 6 Trailer

In the GTA 6 trailer, you can spot Miami’s tallest building, the Panorama Tower, in the background a lot. We don’t know if players can go inside or if it’s part of the story, but the real-life challenges in building it could add tension to the game.

The Panorama Tower almost wasn’t finished because of the Great Recession, but they managed to complete it in 2018. It stands tall over Vice City and could be a cool spot for a villain or a big showdown.

That’s all the Miami places we’ve seen in GTA 6 so far, but there will probably be more in the full game. The first trailer already shows a lot of detail in Vice City, with both real places and new ones.

As the release in 2025 gets closer, we’ll likely learn about more real neighborhoods, buildings, and landmarks in the game.

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