All Real Life References Found In GTA 6 Trailer

The first Grand Theft Auto VI trailer has arrived. Rockstar Games released it a little early than expected. And we discovered some excellent information. This page is a list of all the Real Life References identified in the first trailer:

Miami Joker

Lawrence Patrick Sullivan, 29, was arrested in Miami, Florida in 2017 on suspicion of concealing a handgun.

With his green hair, pale complexion, and tattooed facial scars, Lawrence resembled Batman’s renowned arch-nemesis, the Joker, in a Miami-Dade courtroom.

Police captured Lawrence outside an apartment complex on Tuesday after receiving a report that a guy with green hair and tattoos was threatening passing automobiles with a pistol. He was called “Miami Joker” later on.

Twerking on top of Cars

Car twerkers were on the upswing in March of 2017, particularly in Miami. Women were twerking on the roofs of automobiles for passing motorists to observe.

The original tweet for the above photo is as follows:

Florida man – LeonidaMan

In June 2017, a man in Knoxville got arrested by the police. Witnesses reported that he did a few unusual things: he threw his personal belongings off the balcony of his apartment, pulled the fire alarm, and walked around without any clothes on Cumberland Avenue.

The interesting part is, there were similar incidents in the past that people might have remembered. The suggestion here is that the creators of a game might have used one of these real-life events as inspiration for a scene in their game.

It’s not something we’re expecting to happen, but it would be amusing if such a quirky situation were to be included in the game rather than just in a pre-scripted part.

Woman with 2 Hammers – LuchaLibreFan

More than 3 years ago, a video captured a white woman causing trouble by attacking a car parked in a neighborhood in Chatsworth, Los Angeles.

Surprisingly, this is the only incident we couldn’t find in Florida. If you know of any similar incidents in Florida, please share them in the comments.

It turns out that this woman had been bothering the owner of the car and his roommates, even using racial insults since they moved into their house in early 2019.

This could potentially be reflected in the game as well, with the main character, Lucia, who is part Latino, facing some intense racial abuse.

Crocodile Incidents

In Florida, there have been a few times when Alligators and Crocodiles created a bit of chaos, making people worried. Rockstar Games chose a couple of these incidents to feature in their game trailer.

It’d be really funny if, while playing the game and exploring those places, something similar happened as a surprise event. Rockstar often adds these unexpected moments in their games for extra fun.

Please leave a comment if you find any more references in GTA 6 Trailer.

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