Are There Any New Gameplay Mechanics in GTA 6?

Step into the world of endless possibilities and exhilarating crime as we dive into the ocean of rumors and leaks surrounding Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated GTA VI.

GTA Online Mistakes that GTA 6 Should Avoid Are There Any New Gameplay Mechanics in GTA 6?

Despite the absence of an official release date, story details, or trailer from Rockstar Games, the internet is ablaze with speculations and leaks that paint a vivid picture of what might await us in the next installment of the iconic Grand Theft Auto series.

Official Announcements

The only official information we have is from February 2022, when Rockstar Games confirmed the development of GTA VI.

Since then, the gaming community has been left hanging, eagerly awaiting further details. Until Rockstar Games decides to break their silence, rumors are all we have to feed our anticipation.

The Anonymous Google Doc Leak

One of the recent leaks fueling the speculation is a Google Doc containing alleged details about GTA VI, purportedly from a group of anonymous insiders.

The decision to remain anonymous is understandable, considering the potential legal repercussions from Rockstar Games or its parent company, Take-Two Interactive.

The document claims to be a compilation of details stemming from gameplay leaks, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the mechanics of the upcoming game.

Rumored Gameplay Mechanics

Let’s take a closer look at some of the intriguing gameplay mechanics that have surfaced in the leak:

Looting and Carrying Fallen NPCs:

  • In GTA VI, players might have the ability to loot bags and fallen NPCs, similar to the mechanics seen in the Red Dead Redemption series.
  • The leak suggests that players could carry fallen NPCs, a departure from the previous GTA games where money and weapons would simply float around the downed character.

Loot Bags for Playable Characters:

  • The rumored two playable characters, Jason and Lucia, may have “Loot Bags” to store stolen goods, adding a new layer to the immersive criminal experience.

Self-Revival Mechanism:

  • A novel feature suggests players can revive themselves when down, drawing parallels to the mechanics seen in Red Dead Redemption 2 when Arthur revives his horse. This could introduce a unique aspect to gameplay, enhancing the overall experience.

Combat Tactics:

  • Players may have the ability to cover their character’s face with weapons for protection during attacks, even while crouching.
  • Switching shoulders while aiming, grappling during first fights, and free aiming from a car window add depth to combat mechanics, reminiscent of GTA: San Andreas.

Eagle Eye System:

  • GTA VI might introduce an ‘Eagle Eye System,’ highlighting items of interest such as loot and security cameras, enhancing the detective aspect of the game.

Weight and Muscular System:

  • The leak suggests a potential weight and muscular system, with Jason being larger and possibly stronger than Lucia. This could introduce a dynamic where player choices affect character attributes, reminiscent of the gym system in GTA: San Andreas.

File Size Speculation

In recent discussions, an interesting tidbit has emerged, suggesting that GTA VI could have a colossal file size of 750GB. While this claim raises eyebrows, its validity remains dubious until confirmed by official sources.

Release Date

The highly anticipated release of GTA VI is expected sometime between 2024 and 2025 for PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, adding to the suspense and excitement surrounding the game.


As the rumor mill continues to spin relentlessly, we find ourselves caught in the web of speculation and excitement for Grand Theft Auto VI.

While these leaks provide a tantalizing glimpse into the potential gameplay mechanics, it’s crucial to approach them with a pinch of salt until confirmed by Rockstar Games.

Until then, let the anticipation build, and let the rumors fuel our imagination as we await the official unveiling of the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto saga.

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