GTA 6 and Alan Wake’s Parent Companies in Trademark Dispute Over the Letter ‘R’

Take-Two Interactive, the company that owns Rockstar Games, is having a disagreement with Remedy Entertainment in the United Kingdom over trademarks.

GTA 6 vs Alan Wake GTA 6 and Alan Wake's Parent Companies in Trademark Dispute Over the Letter 'R'

There are two logos that Remedy revealed last year, both with the letter ‘R,’ and Take-Two Interactive is not happy about it.

The issue seems to be that people might get confused when they see these logos. Even though the letter ‘R’ by itself might not cause confusion for Take-Two, the company behind GTA 6, having ‘Remedy’ written underneath could make things unclear. This is why they’re having a dispute.

Right now, Remedy’s two new logos are still being checked in the United States. They showed these logos for the first time in April last year.

In a blog post back then, Remedy explained that they wanted to make their visual identity better. This was because they grew from being a single studio working on one game to having many studios making different games at the same time.

The old logo with a bullet in the letter R represented the time of Max Payne, but now Remedy is much bigger, with many games in its portfolio, both new and old.

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They decided it was time to update their visual identity to show their growth over the years and express their current vision.

Even though some people might miss the old logo, the developers assure everyone that they approached the new design with a lot of care, thought, and passion. They want to create memorable worlds, stories, and characters for players to enjoy through their games.

The new logo is meant to reflect their constant evolution and the excitement they bring to their games, all while maintaining the courageous creativity that defines Remedy.

It’s not uncommon for trademark disputes to happen, especially in the gaming industry. For example, the developer of “It Takes Two,” Hazelight, had a trademark dispute with Take-Two Interactive at the end of 2021.

Also, Monster Energy has challenged trademarks from Ubisoft, as well as the creators of Monster Hunter and Pokemon.

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