GTA 6 Could Have a Limited-Weapon System, Some Fans are Not Happy About It

As we look forward to GTA 6, there are lots of rumors popping up every now and then. Some are just guesses, but a few have grabbed people’s attention.

gta single player dlcs GTA 6 Could Have a Limited-Weapon System, Some Fans are Not Happy About It

One rumor that’s been going around suggests that Grand Theft Auto 6 might have a system where you can only carry a limited number of weapons.

This might be similar to how Red Dead Redemption 2 handles weapons, where players can only have a few guns with them at once. While this adds to the realism, it’s made some fans unhappy because they prefer having a full inventory like in the earlier GTA games.

Rockstar Games has not yet provided any details about this, but the rumor has already split the gaming world. Others are opposed to the functionality being implemented by the studio.

GTA 6 could have a limited-weapon system, and some fans are not happy about it

User @Doonishsan shared their thoughts about the possible limited-weapon system in GTA 6 in a tweet on X. Others replied, saying that a similar feature in Red Dead Redemption 2 worked well and would add realism to the new game.

According to the rumor, players might only carry two handguns and one rifle at a time. But they could keep extra weapons in their car’s trunk and use them when needed. This is like how Arthur could store weapons on his horse in RDR 2, a realistic feature that many players want in GTA 6.

This rumor has caused a debate in the GTA 6 community. Here are some notable responses to the post:

Another game from Rockstar Games, Max Payne 3, also has a system where players can only carry a few guns. This system works well in the game because it lets players plan their strategies before getting into gunfights.

There are talks that the game studio might introduce a system where cars can run out of gas, and players would have to either leave them behind or go to a gas station to refuel. This idea has caused many discussions among fans.

But it’s important to remember that these are just rumors, and Rockstar Games hasn’t officially said anything about them. If the studio decides to take ideas from Red Dead Redemption 2, they might add a limited-weapon system or something similar in GTA 6.

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