GTA 6 Fan Provides Potential Release Dates For Trailer 2

The first GTA 6 trailer has become a huge hit in the gaming world, grabbing attention across various social media platforms.

GTA 6 Poster GTA 6 Fan Provides Potential Release Dates For Trailer 2

Fans are eagerly waiting for more details, and a fan account on X, known as @GTAVI_Countdown, has shared some theories about when Rockstar Games might release the next trailer.

It’s important to note that these dates are just fan theories and not confirmed by Rockstar Games. So, while it’s fun to speculate, readers should take this information with a pinch of salt and wait for official announcements.

GTA 6 Fan Provides 4 Potential Release Dates For Trailer 2

On January 12, 2024, @GTAVI_Countdown shared the above post where they mentioned the following four potential release dates for Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer 2:
May 28, 2024
October 16, 2024
November 14, 2024
December 17, 2024
Interestingly, the user also explained why they predicted the aforementioned dates.

Even though it’s been more than a month since the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer 1 came out, Rockstar Games still considers it recent. Rockstar is known for taking their time between revealing new projects and often surprising fans unexpectedly. So, it’s hard to guess when the next trailer will be released until Rockstar officially announces it.

Although people have come up with interesting theories, fans don’t seem too impressed. Some users even made funny predictions based on the theories from the original post.

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The initial GTA 6 trailer set global records because everyone was eagerly waiting for it. Rockstar Games is really good at creating excitement for their project launches, so we can look forward to the next trailer after they build up a lot of anticipation.

What Can You Expect From GTA 6 Trailer 2?

The first trailer showed us the HD Universe Vice City, introduced characters like Lucia, and shared details about the open world.

People really want Jason to be the second main character, and we might see his official introduction in the next trailer. While the first trailer focused on Lucia, the second one is likely to be all about Jason and his story.

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