GTA 6 Fans Find New Public Bus Option in the Trailer that Players Can Use

Even a month after the release of the first trailer for GTA 6, fans are still finding new hidden details in the video.

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The trailer, which was highly anticipated, created a buzz and set records by becoming the most-watched non-music video on YouTube in just 24 hours, with nearly two hundred million views.

GTA 6 enthusiasts are constantly freezing the video on each frame, leading to new discoveries. The most recent finding involves a sign in the background at the 27-second mark, suggesting that a new type of transportation might be available for players in the game.

GTA 6 players might be able to take public busses

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In lots of GTA games, players could use public transportation like subways and taxis. Now, in GTA 6, it looks like you might also be able to use the city bus.

People on Reddit and GTAForums have pointed out that in the trailer, you can see a bus stop. There’s a group of people standing there, and it seems like they might be waiting to catch the bus.

“I noticed that the bus stop sign is a bit TOO detailed for something we can’t use. Big and visible with the words looking like they’d actually be legible,” a user explained.

The person who posted this also talked about news stories that said earlier GTA games, like IV, were supposed to have a working bus system for players, but it got removed in the final game.

People have different opinions about the idea of using a bus in the game. Some think it might make GTA too realistic, almost like a real-life simulation, especially if they already have gas stations in the game. On the other hand, some players like the idea of having buses in the game.

“A bus system for fast travel would be cool, like trains in RDR2,” someone mentioned.

Someone else said, “That would be really cool and a nice detail. Perhaps they can make it like a taxi job, where you can drive a bus, pick up people, and drop them off at different places.”

Right now, Rockstar hasn’t said if GTA VI will have a bus system. But since this game is their most ambitious project so far, it’s still possible.

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