GTA 6 Trailer Is Close To Surpassing The Minecraft Trailer After 12 Years Being Top 2

Hey GTA 6 fans! Big news! The Minecraft trailer has been the second-most-watched game trailer on YouTube for 12 years, but now, the GTA 6 trailer released a month ago might beat it!

gta 6 trailer vs minecraft trailer GTA 6 Trailer Is Close To Surpassing The Minecraft Trailer After 12 Years Being Top 2

Exciting, right? Come join us and find out why the GTA 6 trailer is so popular in the gaming community and what records it might break!


The Minecraft trailer has 167 million views on YouTube, and it might soon have tough competition from GTA 6. The first GTA 6 trailer already has 165 million views, and it could pass Minecraft’s views very soon.

With only “1,789,767 views” left to go, GTA 6 might become the second most-viewed video game trailer ever.

It’s not surprising, given that the first GTA 6 trailer got 90 million views within just 24 hours of being on YouTube on December 5, 2023.

The huge excitement around the GTA 6 trailer shows how eagerly fans have been waiting for the new Grand Theft Auto game. The franchise’s popularity and Rockstar’s work on GTA Online have kept gamers and fans engaged over the past few years.

Records Gta 6 Trailer Might Break

The GTA 6 trailer has the potential to break several records. One of them is the current number one spot for the most-viewed video game trailer, held by Subway Surfers’ Official Google Play Trailer with “361,469,540 views” since September 18, 2012.

Surpassing this record will be a challenge, but it’s impressive that GTA 6 gained almost half the views without any help from ads, unlike Subway Surfers.

GTA 6 has already broken records, like being the most-viewed video game trailer within 24 hours, according to Guinness World Records. It also holds the record for the “Most Liked Video Game Trailer on YouTube.”

And this is just the beginning for Rockstar! Imagine the impact of Trailer 2, rumored to be released later in 2024. Exciting times for GTA fans!

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