5 GTA Online Mistakes that GTA 6 Should Avoid

GTA Online has been really popular for Rockstar Games in the last ten years. Even though many people like playing together, there were some problems.

GTA Online Mistakes that GTA 6 Should Avoid

When they make the next game, GTA 6, they should be careful not to repeat these mistakes. Fixing these issues could make the new game even more fun.

Here are 5 mistakes from GTA Online that GTA 6 should not do again. These mistakes matter for both the main story and the online part, which they haven’t told us about yet.

Permanently removing vehicles and 4 other GTA Online mistakes that GTA 6 should avoid

1) Exorbitant price tags

Purchasing weapons, houses, or automobiles in Grand Theft Auto Online will quickly drain your Maze Bank. The Mammoth F-160 Raiju, a fighter plane included with the San Andreas Mercenaries update that costs a whooping $6,855,000 on Warstock Cache and Carry, is an excellent example.

Players can unlock their Trade Price to receive a discount, although they must still spend more than five million. Although the jet has many wonderful features, it is quite pricey. Similarly, many ordinary automobiles cost much over a million dollars. Grand Theft Auto 6 should avoid these flaws and instead focus on a more realistic economy.

2) Introducing futuristic items

Including futuristic weaponry such as the Widowmaker and Unholy Hellbringer, as well as cars such as the Pegassi Oppressor MK II, Imponte Deluxo, and others, was most likely one of Grand Theft Auto Online’s worst blunders. While they were entertaining at first, most fans think they should not be a part of this series.

Furthermore, when griefers in GTA Online employ these futuristic things, they create havoc in public multiplayer sessions. As a result, Rockstar should strive to make GTA 6 as realistic and grounded as possible, as this has always been the series’ major attraction.

3) Permanently removing vehicles

In the middle of 2023, people were talking a lot about Grand Theft Auto Online. The game removed almost 200 cars with an update called San Andreas Mercenaries. Rockstar, the company behind the game, said they took away cars that weren’t used much. Some of these cars come back sometimes in weekly updates.

But players want to be able to buy their favorite car anytime, not just when it shows up. The company said they removed the cars to make it easier to look at cars on the in-game websites. But people think they could have just added a search bar instead.

4) Having repetitive missions

In the past ten years, Rockstar Games has given us many updates for GTA Online. However, the missions that come with these updates don’t really try anything new. Some missions, like the heists, are fun, but the story missions are kind of the same and get boring easily.

Rockstar should be careful not to make the same mistake, especially in GTA 6. It would be great if the new game had different and interesting missions that break away from the usual way Rockstar does things. That would make the game feel new and exciting.

5) Time-limited content

In Grand Theft Auto Online, there’s stuff that’s only available for a limited time. This makes people worried about missing out. It could be special cars or clothes that you can only get for a short time. Some people might not think it’s a big deal, but new players who join later can’t get these things.

If Rockstar keeps doing limited-time stuff in Grand Theft Auto 6, they should make sure everyone gets a fair chance. We don’t know much about the new game yet, but we might find out more in the second GTA 6 trailer.

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