5 GTA Online Weapons that Shouldn’t Return in GTA 6

GTA Online has lots of weapons, but some are not very helpful or don’t fit well in the game. Unlike the cars, the game developers haven’t shown any plans to fix or remove these less useful weapons.

gta single player dlcs 5 GTA Online Weapons that Shouldn't Return in GTA 6

However, it would be a good idea for them to stop including some of these not-so-great weapons in the next game, GTA 6, to keep the game feeling real.

So, here are 5 weapons in GTA 5 Online that we think shouldn’t come back in GTA 6.

5 GTA Online Weapons that Shouldn’t Return in GTA 6

1) Compact Grenade Launcher

The Compact Grenade Launcher in GTA Online doesn’t really have any bad points, but it’s still not as good as other weapons you can use in the game, like the regular Grenade Launcher or just throwing grenades by hand.

The regular Grenade Launcher can carry up to 10 grenades at once, but with the Compact one, you need to reload after every single shot. This can be really annoying when you’re playing the game.

Also, it’s worth noting that Rockstar Games sells the Compact Grenade Launcher for $45,000, but the bigger, better one is cheaper at $32,400.

So, for the next Grand Theft Auto game, it might be a good idea to get rid of the Compact Grenade Launcher and make the regular Grenade Launcher even better, maybe by letting it hold more ammo and shoot farther.

2) Orbital Cannon

In GTA Online, the Orbital Cannon is a weapon that a lot of players really don’t like. Why? Because it’s super powerful and can be used from far away. Unlike other weapons that need some skill to take out other players, the Orbital Cannon is kind of like an automatic weapon.

You just lock it onto someone and bam, they’re gone. And the person using it doesn’t even have to be close to their target.

You can use this Cannon from inside a Facility, which keeps you safe from any danger while you’re inside. This is why so many players in the game really hate it when others use the Orbital Cannon – it’s just not fair.

Rockstar Games, who make the game, have tried to make it less overpowered, but it’s still a big problem for a lot of players. So, it’s probably better if this weapon doesn’t show up in future games.

3) Widowmaker

The Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker were introduced together in the Arena War DLC. Surprisingly, the Widowmaker didn’t become popular among skilled players. It shoots really fast but lacks in damage, accuracy, and range.

Because of these problems, the Widowmaker isn’t helpful in close situations. Leaks about the GTA 6 police gameplay suggest better AI and fighting abilities. Using the Widowmaker in these situations would make players struggle. So, it’s better if this weapon isn’t included in the next game.

4) Unholy Hellbringer

Wow, let me tell you about this wild gun from GTA Online, the Unholy Hellbringer. It came out with the Arena War update, which was a really cool addition to the game. But, honestly, this gun didn’t get much love. It wasn’t that great in shooting straight or being reliable. Plus, Rockstar Games slapped a hefty price tag of $449,000 on it – yikes!

Now, there’s a lot of chatter about what Rockstar should do for Grand Theft Auto 6. Many gamers are like, “Please, no more crazy future guns!” They want the game to feel real, not over-the-top. Everyone’s eyes popped when they saw the GTA 6 trailer and some sneak peeks. It looks like the gun action is way better. But if Rockstar throws in something like the Unholy Hellbringer again, it might just spoil the fun for a lot of us.

5) Railgun

The Railgun is a mighty tool in the game, but it’s got a big downside: it takes too long to reload. This gun can knock out most regular cars with one shot, but it’s no good against the tougher, armed ones in GTA Online. Plus, it just doesn’t fit with the game’s overall vibe.

This gun looks like something from the future, which is a bit odd in the GTA 5 Online world, where the story is all about going from nothing to everything. Sure, a bunch of players snapped it up when it first came out with the Los Santos Drug Wars add-on, but a year later, you hardly see anyone using it. So, it’s probably best if the game creators don’t include it in the next Grand Theft Auto game to keep things feeling real.

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