5 Reasons For Rockstar to Add Singleplayer Story Mode DLCs in GTA 6

Since Grand Theft Auto 4, single-player DLCs have not been included in a Grand Theft Auto game. But it was recently disclosed that Grand Theft Auto 5 was going to get some additions from Rockstar Games.

gta single player dlcs 5 Reasons For Rockstar to Add Singleplayer Story Mode DLCs in GTA 6

A lot of them were dropped, maybe to make more space for multiplayer DLCs on GTA Online, but for the future game, that shouldn’t happen.

Since GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games in the franchise, narrative mode DLCs should also be released. As of right now, Rockstar has only released one trailer, thus nothing is known about the plot or whether or not DLC will be included.

They do, however, have enough prior experience to carry it out, considering how they’ve created DLCs for several of their previous games.

It makes sense for singleplayer DLCs for GTA 6 for the following reasons:

1) To Keep Singleplayer Relevant

Even after completing the main plot of Grand Theft Auto 6, gamers may still replay the game thanks to its single-player DLCs. This would not only keep the game current for many more years, but it would also make it more interesting for players.

A new single-player DLC would make sure that regular multiplayer gamers don’t find the game too monotonous if Rockstar decides to add an online option for Grand Theft Auto 6.

According to the most recent GTA 5 source code leak, Rockstar had planned a similar feature for the game, but it was ultimately dropped.

Because of this, the majority of Grand Theft Auto 5 gamers only launch the game in Online mode, and Story Mode seems dated now.

2) To continue the story

Sometimes, when a game gets a new extra content pack (DLC), it can add more to the main story if the location stays the same. Like in Grand Theft Auto Online, each DLC continues the story. Alternatively, a new DLC might go back in time and focus on another character’s viewpoint during the main story.

For example, in GTA 4, there are two DLCs called The Lost and Damned (TLAD) and The Ballad of Gay Tony (TBoGT). They happen during the main game but let you see things from different perspectives.

TLAD follows Johnny Klebitz, and TBoGT follows Luis Lopez. This approach allows the game makers, Rockstar, to introduce new main characters who players might really like.

3) To add more features

With DLCs, Rockstar can always add additional features that the community has asked for to GTA 6’s single-player game.

This might be adding new features, enhancing the quality of life, or making little tweaks that players would really like to the game. DLCs might thereby cover the gaps that are typically left by modifications.

For example, there has never been an on-screen speedometer in any Grand Theft Auto game, and 2022 GTA 6 gameplay leaks revealed that this will not change in the new game. If this feature isn’t included when the game opens, it could be added with a DLC if enough people ask for it.

4) Add New content

New content in this sense refers to extra buildings, weapons, cars, etc. No matter how many guns and cars Grand Theft Auto 6 releases, more might always be added later. Story mode DLCs are the best method to do this.

In the past, Rockstar accomplished this with Episodes from Liberty City (EFLC), wherein both TLAD and TBoGT introduced exclusive new weaponry, automobiles, locales, and map modifications. The story mode of the upcoming game should imitate Rockstar’s DLC strategy for Grand Theft Auto Online, as they have been doing.

5) New map expansions

Undoubtedly the most exciting and ambitious additions a DLC can offer are map expansions. Rockstar intended to include Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto 5, according to leaked source code. Despite being abandoned, this plot can yet appear in the next game.

They might also visit other towns from the extended world of Rockstar, such as Bullworth from Bully and Carcer City and Cottonmouth from Manhunt. Fans may even have Los Santos without the counties, but their favorites from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas are San Fierro and Las Venturas.

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