5 Reasons Why GTA 6 Shouldn’t Follow the Path Laid Down by GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been a super successful game from Rockstar Games. But for its sequel, GTA 6, it might be a good idea to try something a bit different.

GTA 6 Poster 5 Reasons Why GTA 6 Shouldn't Follow the Path Laid Down by GTA 5

Even though the 2013 game has lots of cool features and a really popular online mode, there are some things the developers did that didn’t make all the fans happy.

We don’t know exactly how Rockstar plans to do Grand Theft Auto 6 yet. The first trailer was only a minute and 30 seconds long, and the game will be out next year.

Still, let’s talk about five reasons why GTA 6 should go its own way and not do everything the same as Grand Theft Auto 5.

Reasons GTA 6 shouldn’t follow the path laid down by GTA 5

1) Abandonment of the title’s story mode

The Source code for Grand Theft Auto 5 was leaked around Christmas 2023, and it gave us interesting details about the game. They had plans for about eight extra story mode add-ons, but they ended up canceling them. One of these might have been about Trevor Philips, called Agent Trevor, and another could have involved Liberty City in some way.

If Grand Theft Auto 6 goes down a similar road, they might also decide not to do extra story mode stuff later on. Looking at the first official trailer for GTA 6, there seems to be a lot of room to make the game’s world bigger and tell more stories about characters like Lucia with additional content.

2) Abandonment of other Rockstar titles

The leak of Grand Theft Auto 5’s source code shared details about the game and some other Rockstar Games titles that were not officially announced. Just like the story mode add-ons that got canceled, these games might have been left behind because Grand Theft Auto Online became so popular. This includes a new Midnight Club game and even a potential Bully 2.

These games could have been a lot of fun in the past ten years alongside GTA 5 and Online. While we expect Grand Theft Auto 6 to do really well, it shouldn’t mean that other Rockstar games should be forgotten or abandoned.

3) Shark Cards ruin the economy

In the beginning, players had to work really hard to get a lot of money in Grand Theft Auto Online. Back then, a million dollars in the game could get you one of the fastest cars, the Truffade Adder. But then came Shark Cards, letting players buy a bunch of in-game cash with real money, without having to play a lot.

This messed up the economy because now even regular GTA Online cars cost millions of dollars. For the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 online mode, they should either get rid of Shark Cards (which is not very likely) or make them not have such a big impact on the game.

4) Can affect the game’s perception over time

People really loved Grand Theft Auto 5 when it came out in 2013. Fans still like it, but some are not as happy now. This is because the game keeps getting released again and again, and Rockstar hasn’t been good at talking with players in the last ten years.

Even though Rockstar can take its time making new games after Grand Theft Auto 6, it’s important for them to stay connected with the players.

5) No significant changes

GTA 5 brought in some good changes to the series, and its multiplayer got extra content and improvements in the last ten years. However, there haven’t been big changes or additions, like expanding the map, especially in the story mode.

GTA 6 should not do the same. It should bring in new things and make the map of Leonida bigger so the game stays exciting for many years. For example, adding a system where cars need fuel in GTA 6 could be a cool idea.

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