Rockstar Faces Criticism Over Trademark Dispute with Remedy

It’s crucial for smaller game developers to stand firm in the video game world and make a name for themselves. However, Rockstar, being a big player, is facing criticism for taking legal action against Remedy over a trademark dispute.

GTA 6 Poster Rockstar Faces Criticism Over Trademark Dispute with Remedy

RespawnFirst shared the information on X about a disagreement, saying that Take-Two, the owner of Rockstar, thinks the “R” in Remedy’s logo is too much like Rockstar’s. But when people looked closely, many on social media said the logos don’t really seem very similar.

“People are saying they look completely different,” commented BlackMajikMan90 on X in reply to a post from DiscussingFilm that explained the situation.

While most people are talking about the disagreement, some have looked into it and found that Remedy used an “R” in its logo before.

“Remedy already had an R in its logo when they started many years ago before changing to another type of R, so why is Take-Two doing this now?” questioned The_Stebe on X.

“Also, no one should own a letter for a logo. If it had a star somewhere, then we might have an issue, but the new R logo has different versions of the letter split three times, making it unique and not at all similar to Rockstar.”

This isn’t the only time Take-Two has been in a trademark fight. A while ago, they went after Hazelight Studio’s game, “It Takes Two,” because of the words “take” and “two.” Because of this, Hazelight gave up on trying to trademark their game.

People didn’t like that Take-Two targeted a well-liked game, and now fans are not holding back in expressing their disapproval this time too.

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