Starfish Island and 4 Other Locations Possibly Returning in GTA 6 Vice City

One of the most famous places in the Grand Theft Auto games, Vice City, is making a comeback in GTA 6.

GTA 6 North Miami Beach Starfish Island and 4 Other Locations Possibly Returning in GTA 6 Vice City

This will be the first time we’ve seen it in the series since GTA Vice City Stories in 2006.

Most people remember it from the huge success of GTA Vice City back in 2002. But this time, it might look different because GTA 6 is set in a whole new universe.

However, some of the old neighborhoods might come back in this new version of the Miami-inspired city. This is suggested by leaked videos and the first trailer of the game. Here are five places that might return in GTA 6’s version of Vice City.

Starfish Island and 4 Other Locations Possibly Returning in GTA 6 Vice City

1) Starfish Island

In the first trailer for GTA 6, there’s a scene showing an island that seems to be inspired by Miami’s Venetian Islands.

Alongside it, there are a few smaller islands visible in the shot. Among these smaller islands, one could possibly be Starfish Island, which players might remember from GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories.

Starfish Island is where the Vercetti Estate is located, which was previously Ricardo Diaz’s mansion, and it’s also home to several other luxurious houses.

However, the return of Starfish Island hasn’t been confirmed yet. Fans are eagerly awaiting more information, and it’s possible that it might appear in the second trailer for GTA 6.

2) Leaf Links

Leaf Links is a chain of islands in GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories, serving as the city’s golf course. It’s a notable location featured in missions in both of these games.

While Leaf Links wasn’t shown in GTA 6’s first trailer, leaks about GTA 6 hinted at its possible return in the upcoming title.

This would make sense, especially if the next game includes a golf mini-game like its predecessor from 2013. Fans are excited to see if this iconic location will indeed make a comeback in GTA 6.

3) Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is one of the most iconic places in the GTA series. It’s inspired by Miami’s Ocean Drive neighborhood and features the famous Ocean View Hotel, where the protagonist of GTA Vice City, Tommy Vercetti, lives at the start of the game.

In GTA 6, although the area might have a different name, it’s been confirmed to be returning to the map, thanks to the debut trailer of the sequel.

Interestingly, some fans think they spotted the Ocean View Hotel in the shot showing Ocean Beach, adding to the excitement of its return in the upcoming game.

4) Malibu Club

One of the most legendary nightclubs in the whole GTA series, the Malibu Club in Vice City, is rumored to be making a comeback in GTA 6.

This rumor stems from leaked development footage from September 2022. In the original GTA Vice City game, players could buy the Malibu Club as a property, and it played a significant role in the storyline, where the protagonist, Tommy Vercetti, plans a bank robbery in Little Havana.

Interestingly, a nightclub does make an appearance in the first trailer for GTA 6, but it doesn’t seem to be the Malibu Club.

However, there’s still a chance that more information about the return of this iconic location will be revealed as the release date of GTA 6 gets closer.

5) Little Haiti

Little Haiti is a neighborhood in Vice City, probably inspired by the real Miami district of the same name. It’s mainly made up of small houses and is known for its notable residents, like Auntie Poulet, who gives Tommy Vercetti one of the trickier missions in the GTA series – Bombs Away.

Although the return of Little Haiti hasn’t been confirmed officially, keen-eyed fans have spotted the Haitian national flag in GTA 6’s first trailer.

This hints at the possibility of its return. Additionally, leaks about the game have also suggested its comeback, but we’ll have to wait and see for confirmation.

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