5 Things That Could Be Different in GTA 6 According to Leaks

The excitement for GTA 6 went really high when its first trailer came out on December 5, 2023. But, a lot about the game was already known in 2022 because around 90 video clips showing how the game was being made got leaked online.

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Even though things can be changed before the game is officially out, many of the things seen in the leaks were confirmed by the first trailer. So, there’s a chance that more leaked things might be true in the future.

Here are five things that could be different in Grand Theft Auto 6 based on the leaks. But, remember, anything from those leaked clips might still change.

5 Things That Could Be Different in GTA 6 According to Leaks

1) Police behavior

Police are very important in GTA games. According to the leaked information, it looks like the police in GTA 6 might be smarter when dealing with criminals. This would be different from Grand Theft Auto 5, where the police were very aggressive and quick to shoot.

In one leaked video, there’s a timer for police dispatch, which means players might have some time to escape after committing a crime instead of police suddenly appearing nearby.

We might hear more about these changes in how the police act and other interesting GTA 6 details later this year.

2) More enterable buildings

In leaked videos of Grand Theft Auto 6, there’s a part of the code that hints there might be 157 interiors in the game.

In the previous game, Grand Theft Auto 5, there weren’t many buildings you could go inside, and that was a big issue. Even though the map was big, not having many accessible interiors made the game feel less real.

Fans have wanted this to change for a long time, and it seems like their wish might come true in the new game.

However, keep in mind that the number of interiors might still change before the game comes out on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2025.

3) Car Theft Mechanic

In the old GTA games, stealing cars was a simple thing – just press a button, and you could take any vehicle. But now, it looks like Rockstar might be changing how this works.

From the leaked clips, it seems that in the next game, you might not always succeed in stealing a car. This might not happen for every car, but it could be something new and interesting to experience, similar to the rumored car refueling system in GTA 6.

4) Hair growth system

The GTA 6 leaks from September 2022 showed two characters. One is Lucia, confirmed as the female main character in the first trailer.

The other is a male character named Jason, believed to be the second main character. In the leaked videos, Jason’s character model had different hairstyles at different times.

This information hints that there might be a system in the game where characters’ hair naturally grows over time. This is something new and hasn’t been in any GTA game before.

The changes in Jason’s hair might also be because his character model got updated during the development. Rockstar has already used a similar feature in Red Dead Redemption 2, so it’s not unlikely for them to bring it to GTA 6.

5) New equipment

Leaked videos from last year show that GTA 6 might have new tools like slim jims, plyers, tracker jammers, and even a device to bypass immobilizer.

Some of these tools, like slim jims and the immobilizer bypass, could be useful for stealing cars, making GTA 6 different from previous games in the series.

There’s also a possibility of a Speargun being in the new game, adding to the list of new equipment. Even though it wasn’t in the first trailer, we might see it in the second trailer for GTA 6, expected to come out in 2024.

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