5 Unique Weapons That GTA 6 Should Introduce in the Series

Weapons are really important in Grand Theft Auto games, and it’s possible that some weapons from the older games might come back in GTA 6.

gta single player dlcs 5 Unique Weapons That GTA 6 Should Introduce in the Series

But Rockstar Games might also bring in new ones. Because fans have been waiting for this new game for a very long time, having new items is crucial to make it feel new and not just like Grand Theft Auto 5.

Here, we’ll talk about five unique weapons that would be cool for Grand Theft Auto 6 to have. Remember, this list is just guessing, and these weapons haven’t been confirmed for the upcoming game.

Crossbow and 4 other unique weapons that GTA 6 needs to introduce in the series

1) Cluster Grenade Launcher

In the older GTA games, there were grenade launchers you could hold in your hands, but they could only shoot one grenade at a time. Rockstar Games can make it more exciting by adding a Cluster Grenade Launcher in GTA 6. This new launcher could shoot many explosive bombs all at once towards the bad guys.

It would be very powerful and work really well against groups of enemies. To balance it out, they might make it so you have to wait for a bit before you can use it again. In Far Cry 6, for example, some weapons are very strong, but after you use them, you have to wait for a long time before you can use them again.

2) Bow and arrow

Even though bows and arrows are in many other games, they haven’t been in the Grand Theft Auto series yet. This weapon is great for being quiet, which is good for sneaky gameplay. If there are different animals in GTA 6, players could use bows and arrows to hunt them, like in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Because Rockstar did a good job with bows and arrows in Red Dead Redemption 2, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to bring it to Grand Theft Auto 6. Plus, using it in a GTA setting would be pretty different and interesting.

3) Crossbow

If using bows and arrows seems too old-fashioned, they could put a crossbow in the next game. Crossbows are in many other games, but they haven’t been in the Grand Theft Auto series yet.

Like bows and arrows, a crossbow would be great for sneaky gameplay. You could quietly take out enemies from far away with this weapon. In fact, there are mods for GTA 5 that let you add a crossbow to the game’s story mode, even though it came out in 2013.

4) Slingshot

Adding slingshots to Grand Theft Auto 6 could be a lot of fun. They wouldn’t necessarily have to be super dangerous; instead, you could use them to distract enemies or people on the streets in Vice City. But if you keep using the slingshot on someone, it could eventually cause some damage.

In simple terms, slingshots could also be something fun to do in between missions in GTA 6’s story mode. If the game has an online mode, Rockstar might even create slingshot battles, similar to the Snowball Deathmatches they recently added to Grand Theft Auto Online.

5) Hallucination-based weapons

In Grand Theft Auto 6, they should bring in weapons that can make enemies see things that aren’t real, like arrows or bombs that cause hallucinations. This way, players can confuse their enemies. For example, in a game called Ghost of Tsushima, they have something called Hallucination Darts that make enemies fight each other.

Rockstar could make this a special weapon that you can get by finishing side quests, kind of like how you unlock the Navy Revolver in Grand Theft Auto Online by doing the Los Santos Slasher Treasure Hunt. Another way could be to make it a rare item that you can find in specific places around the GTA 6 map.

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