5 Ways GTA 6 Could Become the True Successor of GTA 4

GTA 6 is expected to launch in 2025, and the game developers have a chance to learn from the past GTA games.

is GTA 6 true Successor of GTA 4 5 Ways GTA 6 Could Become the True Successor of GTA 4

The GTA series by Rockstar Games is really popular, and each main game has been successful. GTA 4, released in 2008, was a big change with better graphics, and it set the stage for future games.

Then came GTA 5, which improved on some things but also had some downsides. For the next game, it would be good for Rockstar to think about what made GTA 4 so loved by fans.

To make the new game a true Successor of GTA 4, here are some things they could consider.

1) Story

A big reason people like GTA games is because of the story, and it should be the same for the new game. They’ve shared that the main story is about Jason and Lucia, a pair of characters inspired by Bonnie and Clyde. What we don’t know yet is how the story will unfold.

Some think it might be serious and intense, similar to GTA 4. That kind of story really stuck with players and had a strong impact. On the other hand, GTA 5 had a more silly and not-so-serious story that didn’t feel as interesting.

2) Driving

The way cars drive in GTA 4 has been a topic of discussion among fans since the game came out. Some like how the cars handle realistically, making them drive carefully and take turns with more thought. Others think the cars feel floaty and miss the more reckless style of driving in the older games.

If GTA 6 wants to be a lot like GTA 4, it could use a realistic driving style. This would make racing more challenging, and players would need to be good at braking. On the other hand, it could also choose a middle ground, as GTA 5 did.

3) Gunplay

In GTA 4, the way guns work was a big improvement. The weapons felt stronger, sounded more like real guns, and had a bigger effect on the game characters. The way the guns were animated was much better, and reloading them looked more real than in the older games. The bullets and projectiles also moved in a more advanced way.

In the game, explosives didn’t just make a big fireball; they had a strong force that knocked things down. If you shot a rocket from a low angle, it could bounce off the ground. This realistic gunplay continued in Max Payne 3, another game by Rockstar.

But in GTA 5, the guns didn’t feel as strong, and the sounds they made weren’t realistic. That’s why, for the next game, it would be good if they go back to the realistic gunplay style of GTA 4 for the best experience.

4) Melee combat

Fighting up close in GTA 4 is much better. It’s easy to understand, and players can block, use combos, and do different types of attacks. But in GTA 5, the close combat doesn’t feel as good. The people you fight against don’t defend themselves well, and they’re too easy to beat.

The not-so-good close combat needs to be made much better, like it was in GTA 4. This could bring back cool things like fight clubs, similar to what was in The Ballad of Gay Tony. The realistic fighting system in GTA 4 even allowed for different fighting styles, like in San Andreas. Fixing the close combat would make the game more fun and interesting.

5) Ragdoll

A lot of players think that the way people move when they get hit in GTA 4 is the best in the GTA games. But in the next game, GTA 5, it wasn’t as good. In GTA 4, when non-player characters (NPCs) got hit, they tried to avoid cars and reacted when they got shot.

In GTA 5, though, NPCs just go floppy when they get hit, whether it’s by a bullet, a punch, or a car. That’s why many players add a mod to make it better when they play the game. The system got better in another game, RDR2, so it shouldn’t be hard for Rockstar to make it better in GTA 6.

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