Why GTA 6 Online Might Disappoint You?

With Rockstar Games saying GTA 6 will come out in 2025, people are talking about the online multiplayer mode too.

GTA Online Mistakes that GTA 6 Should Avoid Why GTA 6 Online Might Disappoint You?

They remember how Rockstar added online mode to GTA 5 a few months after the game came out, so they hope for something similar with GTA 6. But there are also questions and worries.

This is because Rockstar Games hasn’t always done well with the online modes of their games. For example, Red Dead Online had a lot of potential but seems like Rockstar stopped updating it.

This article delves deeper into the topic and explores whether players should be worried about potential issues with Grand Theft Auto 6 Online.

Rockstar Games should ensure that GTA 6 Online does not end up like Red Dead Online

Popular Grand Theft Auto gamer and YouTuber Gtamen expressed a similar concern about GTA 6 Online and shared their thoughts in a video.

They discussed what players might expect from the game and the major challenges Rockstar Games might face.

While it’s true that Grand Theft Auto 5 Online had plenty of missions and tasks, it’s important to note that it took the studio almost one and a half years to release the next big update for the game.

When there isn’t enough content, fans lose interest, and the number of active players drops significantly.

This happened with Red Dead Online, where the studio seemed to abandon the project, leaving the multiplayer mode in a tough spot.

Some players worry that the same fate could befall GTA 6 Online. However, since Rockstar Games has been working on the upcoming title for a while, hopefully, they have better plans in store for it.

On the flip side, it’s reasonable to be concerned about Rockstar Games potentially cluttering Grand Theft Auto 6 Online with unnecessary features, dull missions, and options for purchasing “extra money.”

The presence of Shark Cards in Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has already soured the experience for many players, and fans are wary of a similar approach in the new game.

Another major worry is how the studio will manage regular updates and whether they can maintain the player base’s satisfaction.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online has seen a noticeable drop in significant updates in recent years, and this decline hasn’t escaped the attention of the community.

While flashy features are appealing, most players prioritize a strong storyline and plenty of content for the online multiplayer mode in GTA 6. They would also prefer if developers took their time to fix any bugs or glitches before releasing new content.

Despite legitimate concerns, it’s important to have faith in Rockstar Games. They’ve been working on the game for a while and likely want to deliver an excellent campaign and multiplayer experience without ruining it for players.

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