Why Gta 6 Will Not Be On Nintendo Switch 2

GTA 6 may be the most anticipated video game release of all time, with the unveiling trailer having already received 147 million views in only 10 days, shattering many records.

GTA 6 Poster Why Gta 6 Will Not Be On Nintendo Switch 2

GTA 6 has a solid basis to build on, since GTA 5 is the second best-selling video game of all time, with over 190 million copies sold worldwide.

GTA 6 has already been announced to appear in 2025 on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, with a PC port following later, but the impending Nintendo Switch 2 is unlikely to see a GTA 6 release.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to launch in mid-2024, just in time for the release of GTA 6 the following year, but that doesn’t guarantee we’ll see GTA’s new title on the platform.

Digital Foundry explained why GTA 6 is unlikely to appear on Nintendo’s future platform in a recent video.

“I’d love to say it would happen. I don’t think it will, realistically,” he continued.

It’s a mobile chipset. We’ve seen a lot of amazing things on the Switch 1. Switch 2 is going to be a lot better, a proper generational leap, and forward-looking in many ways. But the stuff they seem to be rolling out for GTA 6 is possibly beyond that.

According to the GTA 6 trailer, Rockstar Games intends to push the boundaries of what gaming can already do, with stunning lighting, ray tracing, and the sheer number of models and detail that can be shown on screen at any given time.

This will be extremely tough to do on the Nintendo Switch 2, despite its more powerful hardware than its predecessor.

This is mainly because of its use of mobile hardware, which limits its capabilities but allows for the portability that was key to the original Nintendo Switch’s popularity.

Rockstar Games did not translate GTA 5 to the Nintendo Switch, which has hardware capabilities equivalent to the Xbox 360, which launched in 2005.

The studio did recently translate Red Dead Redemption to the Nintendo Switch, but despite fans wanting it for the entirety of the Switch’s existence, GTA 5 has never appeared on the console.

Despite leaving hundreds of millions of dollars on the table, we are highly unlikely to see GTA 6 released on the Nintendo Switch 2, thus fans of both Nintendo and GTA will need to consider getting a PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC to enjoy the game.

The good news is that Sony is reported to be working on a PS5 Pro, so this might be the ideal moment to upgrade to more powerful hardware in time for the release of GTA 6 in 2025.

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