Will GTA 6 Have Kids?

The question of whether children should be included in Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) is a complex and divisive topic that continues to stir speculation and debate within the gaming community.

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While Rockstar Games has not officially confirmed their inclusion, rumors and discussions abound regarding the possibility.

Here’s a breakdown of the arguments for and against the inclusion of children in the game, as well as the current situation and potential scenarios.

Arguments For Whether GTA 6 Have Kids

Rumored Leak: There have been unverified leaks suggesting that one of the protagonists, Lucia, may have a young child who appears in cutscenes. This has fueled speculation about the potential inclusion of children in the game.

Increased Realism: Proponents argue that including children in GTA 6 would enhance the game’s realism by accurately reflecting real-life environments where children are present.

Character Development: Some believe that incorporating children into the game could provide opportunities for deeper character development, adding emotional depth to the storyline.

Arguments Against Kids in GTA 6

Past Precedent: Previous GTA games have avoided including children as non-playable characters (NPCs) due to concerns about controversy and moral implications. Rockstar may choose to maintain this precedent to avoid potential backlash.

Gameplay Limitations: Including children could pose gameplay limitations, as the game’s inherently violent nature may clash with the portrayal of children in potentially dangerous situations.

Technical Challenges: Realistically animating and integrating children into the game presents significant technical challenges and may require additional development resources.

Current Situation

Trailer Speculation: The GTA 6 trailer briefly showed children playing in the background, sparking speculation about their potential inclusion in the game. However, this footage did not provide concrete evidence of children being playable or interactable characters.

Rockstar’s Silence: Rockstar Games has not addressed the topic of including children in GTA 6, maintaining a veil of secrecy around the game’s development and content.

Possible Scenarios

Children in Cutscenes: It’s possible that children may appear in cutscenes to facilitate character development without exposing them to potential harm during gameplay, mitigating controversy.

Inaccessible “Safe Spaces”: Another scenario could involve children existing in designated areas within the game where players are unable to interact with or harm them, ensuring their safety while still acknowledging their presence in the game world.

Exclusion of Children: Alternatively, Rockstar may choose to adhere to their previous approach and exclude children entirely from GTA 6, sidestepping potential controversies and technical challenges associated with their inclusion.


The inclusion of children in GTA 6 is a multifaceted issue with no easy answers. While some argue that it could enhance realism and storytelling, others raise concerns about gameplay limitations and moral implications.

As Rockstar Games continues to keep details of the game under wraps, fans will have to wait for official announcements to learn whether children will play a role in the highly anticipated sequel.

Until then, speculation will undoubtedly persist, fueled by the complexities and controversies surrounding this contentious topic.

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