Everyone is Obsessed With The GTA 6 Bikini Girl

Even though Rockstar Games showed a sneak peek of the new Grand Theft Auto last week, what’s really catching everyone’s attention is the GTA 6 ‘Bikini Girl’.

GTA 6 Bikini Girl

People seem to be more interested in her than how amazing the trailer looked or how advanced the game is going to be. She’s become the real talking point, and everyone can’t seem to get enough of her.

Is GTA 6 Bikini Girl Lucia?

Since the teaser was released, social media has been ablaze with a fervent debate: is GTA 6 Bikini Girl the new heroine, Lucia?

The Bikini Girl appears for a few seconds in the video, twirling around in designer swimwear, flipping her sumptuously animated hair, and planting a palm on her hips.

She does bore a significant similarity to the game’s all-new main character, Lucia, but many series fans aren’t persuaded.

The unveiling of Bikini Girl has become the most repeated moment of the whole minute-and-a-half trailer on YouTube.

It’s not the sweeping city views, the glances of the game’s big characters, or the tightly packed,’small detail’ moments that everyone wants to watch again and again – it’s Bikini Girl.

Watch the trailer below – GTA 6 Bikini Girl At 00:37

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