5 Funny Details in the GTA 6 Trailer You Might Have Missed

GTA 6 fans have carefully looked at the official trailer since it came out on December 5, 2023. Even though it’s only ninety seconds long, the video gives us a lot of information about the new game.

Funny Details in the GTA 6 Trailer 5 Funny Details in the GTA 6 Trailer You Might Have Missed

The trailer shows us the main characters, how big the map is, different places in Vice City, and moments inspired by real places in Florida.

Some fans with sharp eyes have found even more little details that others might have missed at first. Some of these are hidden surprises and references, while others are funny jokes, like the ones we always see in Rockstar’s GTA games. So, here are five funny things that people noticed in the GTA 6 trailer.

5 Funniest Details Spotted in the GTA 6 trailer


In the GTA 6 trailer, there are moments inspired by real-life situations in Florida, like ones you might see on social media. One of these moments shows a person who works in the forest pulling an alligator out of a pool at someone’s home. The video comes from a Snapmatic account named “OfficialPOACH.” They are sharing the video as a reminder to check pools for alligators.

“POACH” stands for Protection of Animals & Controlled Hunting, as shown in their logo. It’s kind of funny because “poaching” usually means doing the opposite of what this group is supposed to do. The logo has a picture of a goose in the crosshair, which is another reference to poaching.

2) Crotch Grab

In GTA 6, there’s another funny video on social media from an account named “GeneralCustardCannon.” The video shows a man grabbing his crotch while in traffic. The caption says this kind of crotch grab is like saying sorry for driving badly, but the man doesn’t really seem sorry. It seems like the caption is just making fun of the situation.

The phrase “only in Leonida” is a direct reference to the famous saying “only in Florida,” which is used when something funny or crazy happens in Florida. In GTA 6, the game’s map is based on Florida, and in the game, it’s called Leonida.

3) Cash stored in underwear

In the GTA 6 trailer, there are many scenes where Jason and Lucia are shown robbing a store. The video shows them getting ready, doing the robbery, and then escaping from the police in a car. But these scenes are not shown in the order they happened.

While Jason and Lucia are robbing the store, there’s a funny note on the door. It says, “We will no longer accept cash stored in underwear.” Nobody knows the full story behind this message yet. Most fans think it’s just meant to be a funny hidden message in the trailer.

4) United States of Paranoia

In another part of the GTA 6 trailer, which seems to be connected to the robbery scene, Lucia is shown holding a bunch of cash. But instead of saying “The United States of America” on the money, it says “The United States of Paranoia.” This is Rockstar being funny, as they often make jokes about what’s happening in the United States while also giving some comments on society and politics.

People expect GTA 6 to have the same kind of funny jokes as the older games in the series. However, some insiders have mentioned that Rockstar might make the humor a bit less strong so that it doesn’t offend people too much.

5) Angstipan

In the part of the GTA 6 trailer where Jason and Lucia are driving away from a robbery, there’s a funny billboard. It’s an ad for a pill called Angstipan, which seems like a joke about a real medicine called Angispan. It might also be making fun of anxiety medicines in general because the ad says, “It cures emotions!”

At the bottom of the billboard, there’s a note saying, “People aged 18-65 should be very careful using it. Suddenly wanting to blink a lot could be very dangerous. If your hard-on lasts more than 4 hours, call your doctor. The results may be different for everyone.”

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