5 Best GTA Rival Game That You Can Play On Your PC

The GTA games are the best when it comes to open-world gaming. They’ve been on top since GTA III came out.

is GTA 6 true Successor of GTA 4 5 Best GTA Rival Game That You Can Play On Your PC

Other game makers have tried to beat GTA, but it’s not easy. GTA is like the leader of open-world games.

Even though GTA is really good, some game studios prefer making their own unique games instead of copying what Rockstar Games does.

5 Best GTA Rival Game That You Can Play On Your PC

1) Everywhere

Rockstar Games faced some tough times recently when key people like co-founder Dan Houser and creative figure Lazlow Jones left. But the company suffered a big blow when Leslie Benzies, president of Rockstar North and lead producer for GTA and Red Dead games, also left.

Leslie played a big role in making GTA a successful series. After leaving, he sued Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive for $160 million. Now, Leslie is working with a new studio called Build A Rocket Boy Games. He’s working on a game similar to GTA, and it’s getting a lot of funding, which is a good sign.

The game is called “Everywhere,” and Leslie aims to compete with GTA. We don’t know much about the game yet, but competition is always good for players and companies.

2) Watch Dogs

The Watch Dogs games have made a big comeback and impressed a lot of people. The first game had some problems, but Ubisoft learned from it and made changes to the tone and gameplay.

The sequel turned out to be one of the best open-world games in a while and one of Ubisoft’s top-quality games.

People are really excited about Watch Dogs: Legion in 2020, and things are looking good.

Even though Watch Dogs isn’t as big as GTA in terms of money or popularity, it’s getting attention. Ubisoft needs to focus on improving the storytelling, but the gameplay is already good.

The Watch Dogs franchise has the potential to grow, and Ubisoft wants to compete with GTA in the future.

3) Mafia

Mafia III didn’t turn out the way 2K and Hangar 13 had hoped. Even though it was the most ambitious game in the Mafia series, it didn’t meet expectations. This third part of the trilogy tried something new by making the world completely open, unlike the more straightforward structure of the earlier games.

It was a daring move by the studio, but it didn’t work as well as they wanted. The main issues were the repetitive missions and gameplay, but these can still be fixed.

The game has strong writing and creativity, making the Mafia series home to some really cinematic games.

Now, Hangar 13 knows what makes the Mafia series great: a historical setting, smart writing, and cinematic storytelling. The Mafia franchise is like a goldmine for 2K and has the potential to compete with big games like GTA.

4) Sleeping Dogs

Right now, there’s not much happening with the Sleeping Dogs games. The latest thing was a re-release called “Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition” for newer consoles. Even though it’s loved by many in 2020, it didn’t do great when it first came out.

People thought the game could be like a new version of Shenmue and compete with GTA. But it had its own unique style, not just copying other open-world games. Sadly, it didn’t make a lot of money and got mixed reviews from critics. Because of this, Square Enix and United Front Games decided not to make a sequel.

Originally, the game was supposed to be a follow-up to True Crime and gained a group of dedicated fans over time. If Square Enix decides to bring it back, Rockstar might face some tough competition because Sleeping Dogs has a loyal fanbase now.

5) Saints Row

The Saints Row games are not active right now because their spin-off game, Agents of Mayhem, didn’t get a great response. In the beginning, people unfairly called these games “GTA clones” and thought they were just copies.

But the Saints Row series turned out to be really unique and creative. It’s now known as one of the most imaginative and strange open-world games. Instead of trying to be realistic, these games decided to be totally wild and silly.

Because of this, they became super fun, especially for playing online, like in GTA Online. If a new Saints Row game tried to compete with GTA Online, fans could get some cool competition.

Some people even say that GTA Online is getting ideas from Saints Row, especially its crazy sci-fi stuff, which influences the vehicles and game modes in GTA Online.

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