GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

Reflecting on the GTA 6 trailer we saw three weeks ago, we noticed many cool things like better graphics, big landscapes, loads of characters, and more.

GTA 6 Poster GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

This makes fans wonder: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need when it’s done?

If you’re interested in GTA 6 File Size too, let’s chat about what people in the community think about how much storage GTA 6 might need when it comes out in 2025.

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How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need When it Will Come Out?

People online, like on Reddit and forums, chat a bunch about how much space GTA 6 will take up in 2025. But truthfully, no one really knows for sure. Some gamers think it might be between “100GB to 200GB” just to be safe.

There’s this talk on Reddit where fans share ideas about the storage. Some think it’ll be at least 150GB, maybe going up to 200GB with updates or extra stuff later on.

Our guess is it will likely start at least with 100GB of space. We expect it to begin with 100GB and maybe go up to 150GB by the time it’s out in 2025. The most it might need is 200GB.

We’re thinking this based on the fact that RDR2 needed 119GB when it first came out on PC. And, you know, RDR2 is one of those games with super detailed graphics.

But, to be fair, the space GTA 6 needs will be worth it because of the awesome graphics, story, details, and gameplay it will have. So, if Rockstar tells us it needs a lot of space officially, we’ll get it.

PS5 And Xbox X/S Storage Need for New GTA 6

Certainly! When you buy a new PS5, the total storage is 825GB, but you only have 667GB available for use. On the Xbox Series X, which comes with a 1TB storage drive, you get around 800GB of usable space. The Series S, with a 512GB drive, provides roughly 360GB of usable space.

Now, even if GTA 6 requires 200GB of storage when it launches on PS5 and Xbox X/S in 2025, there should still be enough remaining space on your console to accommodate the game.

However, if you find yourself running out of space, there’s an option to upgrade your console storage. You can consider expanding to a 1TB or 2TB storage option to ensure you have enough room for additional games and content.

What Was The Storage Capacity Of Gta 5 When It Was First Released?

GTA 6 North Miami Beach GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

When GTA 5 first came out on Xbox 360 and PS3, it only needed 8GB of storage.

If you want to play it on Xbox 360, you’ll need either an Xbox 360 Hard Drive or an external 16GB USB flash drive with at least 8GB of free space.

GTA 6 Possible Storage Image 1 GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

If you go for a USB flash drive, make sure it’s at least USB 2.0 and set up to work with Xbox 360.

For the PS3, it’s simpler. Once you put in the game disc, it starts installing the data, using about 8GB. After that, you’re good to start playing.

It’s pretty cool to see how far gaming has come. Games like GTA 6 now need a big 100GB to 200GB of storage, which is quite a leap from the 8GB storage needs we had in the past.

5 Factors That Affect GTA 6’s Large Storage Capacity

GTA 6 bikini Girl Pic GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

Here, we’re going to try to explain why GTA 6 might need a lot of storage space and look into the things that can make it need so much space.

1) A Larger Map

GTA 6 Map Model GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

One reason GTA 6 might need a lot of storage is because of its map. Even though the maps we’ve seen are from fan-made projects like the GTA 6 Community Map Project, we still anticipate the official map to be huge.

This expectation comes from leaks and the recent trailer that gave us a glimpse of what’s coming. People are even comparing the size of the GTA 5 map to the expected size of the GTA 6 map.

2) Improved Graphics And Details

Everglades in GTA 6 GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

Another reason to think about is the amazing graphics and attention to detail in GTA 6. The trailer shows that the level of detail and graphics in GTA 6 is better than GTA 5.

We believe these improved graphics and details will impact the storage needed. The more things like grass, trees, water, animals, mountains, and roads there are, the more gigabytes the game will require.

3) The Story And Side Missions

Our third reason to consider is the story and some extra missions in GTA 6. Each GTA game has its own special story and side missions that Rockstar adds to match the game and what players like.

This is going to affect how much storage GTA 6 needs because it forms the basis for the story’s progress and decides how long the game is overall.

If the story is longer and there are more side missions, it will need more space on consoles. And having more missions means more cutscenes, which also take up space.

4) Evolution Of GTA Series

GTA 6 Strip Clubs GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

The fourth reason is that GTA games are changing this time. Remember when you played the first GTA from a top-down view?

Well, that game didn’t need much storage because it was just a 2D game.

But Rockstar Games always works hard to make players happy with their games. And they’ve done a great job in the past few years!

So, it’s not surprising that our games now need a lot of storage on our consoles or PCs. As the GTA games get better, the storage they need also goes up.

Here’s a table showing how much storage each GTA game in the HD universe (similar to GTA 6) needs on a Windows PC:

GameRequired Storage
Grand Theft Auto IV22 GB
GTA: The Lost and Damned16 GB
GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony16 GB
Grand Theft Auto V72 GB

5) AAA Games

GTA Online Mistakes that GTA 6 Should Avoid GTA 6 File Size: How Much Storage Does Gta 6 Need?

Our final thoughts on why GTA 6 might need a lot of storage come down to it being a AAA game.

Now, what does that mean? A game gets the triple-A label if it’s made by a big gaming developer with a huge team and a big budget.

When a game like this is released, it requires a ton of storage space because it was created with a lot of money. That’s why it’s filled with lots of details that make you feel totally immersed when you play.

GTA 6 is one of these triple-A games, but it’s not alone. All the games made by big game developers are now called triple-A titles.

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