What City Is GTA 6 Based On?

Everyone’s hyped for the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, but the burning question on everyone’s mind is: where is it going to be set?

GTA 6 North Miami Beach What City Is GTA 6 Based On?

Let’s find out What City Is GTA 6 Based On?

What City is GTA 6 Based On?

Someone said that GTA 6 will happen in a pretend place called “Leonida,” inspired by Florida. Imagine Vice City like Miami.

In a recent YouTube video, there was a big sign that said “VICE,” making many think that GTA 6 will go back to the famous Vice City. Even though Rockstar Games kept things secret, the latest trailer gives us some hints.

Explanation: GTA 6 is set in a made-up place called Leonida, similar to Florida. The main area is Vice City, similar to Miami. A big sign in the YouTube video hinted at this, creating excitement.

GTA 6 vs GTA Vice City

Thinking about October 29, 2002, when GTA: Vice City came out on PlayStation 2, it made gamers excited. The colorful streets, fast cars, and cool nightlife were a big deal. Now, as GTA 6 is bringing us back to Vice City, people are excited to see the new version.

GTA 6 broke records on YouTube shortly after its release, even beating the old GTA V trailer in just one day.

Leaks That Fueled Speculation

The trailer’s Vice City setting didn’t catch everyone by surprise, thanks to a leak circulating on social media about a year ago.

A Reddit post featuring Jason near a train labeled “Vice City Metro” stirred discussions and excitement among the gaming community, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the game’s location.

What Will the Modern Vice City Look Like Based on the GTA 6 Trailer?

The trailer shows a big map with islands connected by roads. Players can explore downtown areas, suburbs, beaches, clubs, and more.

It brings back memories of playing GTA: Vice City in 2002, but now it has a modern twist. The game will include social media, gangs, robberies, parties, and other things from today’s world.

The trailer not only gives a sneak peek at the game but also has hidden real-life references. Gamers are eagerly waiting for the release in 2025 to experience the new and exciting world of GTA 6 in Vice City.

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