Top 5 Best GTA 6 Trailer Remakes So Far, Ranked

Rockstar hit the jackpot with the GTA 6 trailer, breaking lots of records and causing a frenzy on the internet.

GTA 6 Honda Bridge Top 5 Best GTA 6 Trailer Remakes So Far, Ranked

Since it came out on December 5, 2023, many people have recreated the trailer in different ways—using another Grand Theft Auto game, a different game, or even in real life. A lot of effort has gone into making these remakes, and many of them are surprisingly accurate.

Some creators have added funny twists, like swapping Lucia with Catalina in the San Andreas remake. With all these remade GTA 6 trailers, here’s a list of the best ones, ranked based on how good they are or how much effort the creators put in.

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Top 5 Best GTA 6 Trailer Remakes

5) Hyundai Motorsport

The Hyundai Motorsport remake of the GTA 6 trailer is the newest one on this list, and it’s quite surprising. The thought of a rally team recreating a video game trailer might have seemed strange before, but it’s happening because Grand Theft Auto 6 is so popular.

The racing team made a video called Grand Test Auto XXIV, referring to WRC 2024. They used drone shots and racing clips, and the drivers and crew acted out scenes from the trailer. It’s both silly and impressive, showing how creative they can be.

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4) Red Dead Redemption 2

The GTA 6 trailer has been remade in Red Dead Redemption 2, which is another famous game by Rockstar. A video by ‘HotSkill3’ on Reddit recreates many parts of the original video but replaces them with scenes from the RDR2 map. This highlights the big difference between the 19th-century Wild West and the 21st-century East Coast.

Places like the prison and the Everglades-like region in the original trailer are now replaced with the Sisika Penitentiary and the Bayou Nwa in the RDR2 map. The video mainly focuses on Arthur Morgan as the main character and includes some of his memorable lines.

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3) GTA San Andreas

GTA 6 trailer has a San Andreas version that’s really cool, and what makes it more impressive is that it was made entirely on a mobile phone, as mentioned by ARAVALGTA, the creator. In this video, Jason and Lucia are replaced by Claude and Catalina, but you’ll also see CJ and Big Smoke.

Everything else in the video looks just right. Similar to the RDR2 trailer, it swaps out several places from the new game with ones from San Andreas, like Area 69, for example.

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2) GTA Vice City and Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto 6 is going to be in Vice City, so it makes sense to compare the GTA 6 trailer with the old Vice City games from the 3D Universe. The Vice City Stories version was created by the well-known Grand Theft Auto content creator ZacCoxTV, while the Vice City version was made by Future Games Show (FGS).

Both videos show the famous places in the 3D Universe version of Vice City, like Vice Beach, Malibu Club, Ocean Drive, the Air Base, and more. The videos highlight the big differences in technology and graphics between the two worlds, and they are quite impressive.

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1) Minecraft

A YouTuber and Minecraft creator named Boranium Art is trying to recreate the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer in Minecraft, and the result is amazing. Even though it’s not finished yet, it’s one of the best examples of the trailer being made in another game. They’ve shared several scenes from the upcoming trailer, and it’s clear that it took a lot of hard work.

They didn’t just make the scenes with buildings and other things, but they also created custom skins. One of the coolest scenes is the nighttime view of Vice City from above, and it took four days to finish. Although they built the world in Minecraft, they used another program to make the animations.

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